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Spicewood Community Travels Near and Far for July 4 Parade

One of the great things about the annual Spicewood and Highland Lakes Lions Club’s Fourth of July Parade in Spicewood is the local faces people will see in the parade. Participants pull out their tractors, decorate them in red, white, and blue, and join the parade. This year’s parade begins at 9 a.m. Tuesday, July 4. It starts at the Spicewood Post Office, 121 Spur 191, and heads to the Spicewood Community Center, 7901 CR 404. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

SPICEWOOD — The Spicewood community is spread over a wide swath of territory on the southern shores of Lake Travis and south of Texas 71. With that amount of space that includes land from Double Horn Creek to the Pedernales River (even a little farther east), Spicewood sometimes struggles to bring folks together.

The Spicewood Fourth of July Parade and Picnic, hosted by the Spicewood and Highland Lakes Lions Club, aims to address that problem.

"Because Spicewood is a loose community, we need things that bind us together," said Frank Esparza, a Lions Club member and parade coordinator. "The Spicewood Community Center and events like this are things that help do that."


The parade begins at 9 a.m. the Spicewood Post Office, 121 Spur 191. Participants are asked to be at the post office by 8:30 a.m.Tuesday to get lined up. There is no fee to participate.

The parade heads south down 191 past Spicewood Elementary School and the Spicewood Community Library before turning east on CR 404 and ending at the Spicewood Community Center, 7901 CR 404.

After the parade, people can stick around the center for a picnic, which includes free food and drinks, from about 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

There will be live music by Ross Rainey and the Amigos as well as face painting hosted by the Spicewood Arts Society.

While there might be larger Fourth of July parades, Esparza said the Spicewood parade is special to the community because it is the community.

"The people who are in the parade are people of the community," he said.

The Spicewood Volunteer Fire Department-EMS leads the parade. Esparza pointed out that the VFD is just about the most recognized organization in Spicewood, but they're only part of the event as groups, organizations, families, local dignitaries, and even just folks out for a walk make up the rest of the parade.

People can find a spot along Spur 191 (the elementary school and library offer good viewing places with nearby parking) to enjoy the parade.

Then, after the last parade participant passes, people can get in their cars and head to the community center for some food and neighborly fellowship.

Esparza doesn't mind that the Spicewood parade might not be as large as others because it's the people in it that make it special and memorable.

"I remember my first Spicewood parade. There was a kid with a miniature goat in it, and I thought, ‘Now, this is what a community parade is all about,’” Esparza said.

Go to for more information on the Fourth of July events and the Spicewood and Highland Lakes Lions Club.

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