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St. Peter’s of Marble Falls Snip-its Quilts Put Together Piece by Piece with Prayer

Elizabeth Knebel (left) and Betty Matejowsky of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church’s Snip-its quilting ministry work on a quilt during the group’s regular meeting. The Snip-its hand sew more than 130 quilts each year. Most are shipped to other countries, though some are presented to St. Peter’s graduating high school seniors and other congregates. This year, the Snip-its are sending 126 quilts through the Lutheran World Relief’s Mission Quilts program to people around the globe. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

MARBLE FALLS — If the only thing that the Snip-its of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church wanted to do was hand out blankets, they could easily purchase a bunch, saving the countless hours they now spend on each of the 126-plus quilts they carefully stitched the past 12 months. However, as the women push their needles through three layers of quilt material, they point out it’s not just about providing a piece of cloth for warmth.

“I think we all feel it’s the love we put into each one of these,” said Judy Martin, a church and Snip-its member. “Those who receive the quilts, they realize it’s handmade and not store-bought, and they see that there really is somebody who cares about them.

“I think that’s why these quilts are so special,” Martin added.

The Snip-its are a group of St. Peter’s women who meet at least once a month at the church and work on quilts or similar sewing projects. Many of the 120-plus quilts they make each year are sent overseas through Lutheran World Relief. Others end up in the hands and hearts of graduating high school seniors at the church, while a handful go to older congregation members. Some are given to celebrate milestones of family and friends.

More than thread and material go into these quilts. At a recent quilting bee, Snip-its members spoke quietly as they pulled their threads. “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,” they whispered as they tied off three knots in their two strings of thread.

Even as the Snip-its worked on eight quilts that day, they were also getting ready to box and ship 126 quilts to the Lutheran World Relief Mission Quilts program. Last year, the Snip-its’ quilts went to the nations of Georgia, Angola, Haiti, and Tanzania. Martin said the recipients used them for warmth and comfort but also in other ways.

“The quilts are so versatile,” Martin said. “Anything from shelter to canopy over a market stand, room dividers — whatever creative way or need they can find. Mostly, they’re probably used for warmth and comfort.”

Overall last year, Lutheran World Relief sent more than 305,000 quilts to 22 countries. All of those quilts were pieced together by groups such as the Snip-its.

“There’s a lot of love that goes into each one of these quilts,” Martin said.

The Snip-its rely primarily on donations for supplies and materials. They can always use bolts of cloth, cloth pieces, sheets, backing materials, padding materials, and everyday sewing supplies. Nothing goes to waste when given to the Snip-its. They collect their scraps and send them to Creative Hearts, a First Baptist Church of Marble Falls ministry, which turns the remnants into pet blankets for area animal shelters.

Call Martin at (830) 598-4249 or the church at (830) 693-2253 for more information on the Snip-its or to join in the fun. The Snip-its meet 9 a.m.-noon the third Tuesday of the month at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, 1803 RR 1431.

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