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Super Combo license now has digital tagging option for hunters

Texas residents can now purchase a digital Super Combo license that will authorize digital tagging of harvested deer, turkey, and oversized red drum, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recently announced in a media release.

The digital license option is available via online purchase only. Licenses for 2022-23 went on sale Aug. 15.

A digital license holder will not receive a printed license or tags but must keep their digital license available while in the field. The license can be viewed through the TPWD Outdoor Annual and My Texas Hunt Harvest mobile apps, according to the new release about the new option.

“Texas Parks and Wildlife is excited to be offering a digital license and tag option for the first time for outdoorsmen and women this license year,” said TPWD Executive Director Carter Smith in the news release. “We are piloting this with the Super Combo license types, which is one of our most popular licenses that we sell.

"Lifetime Combo license holders will also be able to use the digital tagging portion of this pilot as well," he continued. "This has been a long time coming, but we think this is a great first step to offering more options for our hunters and anglers in the field. We intend to evaluate how well this works as we move forward and look forward to feedback from our customers who choose this option.”

Texans using this option must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Digital tagging for harvested deer, turkey, and oversized red drum must be completed through the My Texas Hunt Harvest mobile app, which has been updated to support digital tagging.
  • Digital license holders are not exempt from the Federal Duck Stamp requirement. A purchased Federal Duck Stamp will be mailed to the person's on-file address. The stamp must be signed on its face and is required to be with the person while hunting waterfowl.
  • Other license purchases made for the season, including the Annual Public Hunt, Federal Sandhill Crane Permit, and Bonus Red Drum Tag, will be provided in digital format only and show up as separate items on a digital license.
  • The number and type of tags issued with digital licenses are limited by species. A full list can be found on the digital tag webpage on the TPWD website. All county bag limits, special provisions, and restrictions apply. Execution of a digital tag serves as completion of mandatory harvest reporting for deer and turkey in applicable counties.
  • It is the license holder's responsibility to track tag usage. They should use the Harvest History section in the My Texas Hunt Harvest app and ensure the app is synced. Hunters and anglers should not harvest an animal if they are not certain they have a tag available to use.

For more information on harvest reporting and required physical documentation for deer and turkey as well as harvest reporting requirements for red drum, visit the TPWD's digital tags webpage.


Hunting and fishing regulations for the 2022-23 season are available online at and on the Outdoor Annual mobile app. The mobile app is free and, once downloaded, works without internet connectivity, so it can be used in remote locations. Features include license lookup and location-based functionality such as “Hunting Seasons and Regulations by Location” and “Where to Fish." The Outdoor Annual website also offers the option to download and print all or select sections.

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