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That Texas Couple travel bloggers return to Highland Lakes

Online social influencers Marty and Michelle Snell visit the pumpkin patch at Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls on a recent trip to the Highland Lakes. That Texas Couple writes about their travels in a popular blog. Staff photo by Alecia Ormsby

A return was inevitable. When social media influencers Michelle and Marty Snell visited the Highland Lakes in April 2021, they knew they would be coming back. Known as That Texas Couple, they publish a travel blog and are active on several social media sites, including Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest, on which they have over 10,000 followers.

The Snells, who both have full-time jobs, have built a reputation with their knowledge and expertise in traveling the United States and Europe. Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, their blog had more than 50,000 views.

Along with the friendly people, the comfortable weather, and the incredible food, the couple had many reasons to return to the Highland Lakes.

“I love the terrain and its diversity and, of course, all the wineries,” Michelle said. “And, I like the country atmosphere. Even though you are near a city, it feels quiet and serene.”

“I like seeing the evidence of all the German heritage,” said Marty, who is of German descent.

On this fall visit, they took a different approach, staying on a golf course in Kingsland instead of a lakeview rental in Burnet, playing on a farm instead of shopping in the cities, and visiting breweries instead of wineries.

As guests of the Burnet County tourism board, the Snells stayed at The Legends Villas and had dinner at Wakepoint LBJ on the Friday night they arrived.

On Saturday, the couple toured Log Country Cove on Lake LBJ in Burnet followed by a trip to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls. At Sweet Berry, they explored the “Singin’ Across Texas" Maze, looking for QR codes to play 17 tunes about towns in Texas that have songs written about them.

“We also did the hayride, pumpkin patch, ate pumpkin ice cream, and picked flowers,” Michelle said.

The Snells wrapped up the day at Save the World Brewing Company and Bear King Brewing Company, both in Marble Falls.

“We never drank beer much until we went to Germany and discovered that we loved the hefeweizen (white beer),” Michelle said. “We found that we prefer the lighter, craft beers.”

Highland Lakes towns, lakes, wildflowers, and even glamping in Cypress Valley treehouses have made appearances in That Texas Couple’s blogs.

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