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PURSUE HEALTHY: You Have Time to Work Out. (Turn Off Netflix.)

The average person only needs to exercise with moderate to high intensity for 150 minutes per week, which is 23 minutes a day. That can include a brisk walk.

“I don’t have time.” “I’m too busy.” “I don’t have enough money.”

I hear it every day, but, through my filtering process, I have deciphered these coded messages. What I am really hearing is: “It’s not a priority right now” or “I’d rather spend my money on something else.” These excuses or reasons — depending on how you view them — might bar you from commitment to a gym membership but not from making wise choices.

David Viergutz is a personal trainer who holds certifications in personal training and nutrition and wellness coaching. He owns 1080 Physique Personal Training Services based in Burnet and serving the Hill Country.

My previous articles have talked about simple solutions to improve your overall health outlook while on the go. This time, I’m covering simple, free solutions to improve your health outlook while you’re at home on your third episode on Netflix. The average adult between 19 and 64 needs to exercise with moderate to high intensity for 150 minutes per week to reap the health benefits.

Let me solve the “I don’t have time issue” or “I’m too busy issue:”

Translation: 23 minutes per day or 1.5 percent of your total day.

Exercises such brisk walking, jogging at a moderate pace, or running for 23 minutes a day burns calories, reduces stress, reduces strain on the heart, and can even protect against certain cancers. Of course, more exercise is recommended, but the picture is pretty clear. Netflix can wait 23 minutes. Our phones can wait 23 minutes. Our video games can wait 23 minutes. Why should our well-being take the back burner?

“I don’t have money.”

On the hierarchy of priorities, a gym or health club membership tends to take bottom tier over things such as electronics, subscriptions, car payments, take-out, movie tickets, and alcohol. Again, “I don’t have money” isn’t the true message. The true message is “I’d rather spend my money on something else.” OK, I’ll give you this one. But you don’t need money to walk the city streets, drive to the park before work, walk Park Road 4 (just kidding). Your body is a pre-designed workout machine of its own with your bodyweight providing resistance training.

I work with clients all the time who don’t have access to a fitness facility or equipment at their home (we’ve got to start somewhere, right?), and it amazes them the progress that can be made from their living room. I also work with clients on schedule management and trying to find the optimal time to exercise.

Here are a few time/schedule management options for finding the time for your own well-being.

• Prioritize your well-being. Get 7-9 hours of sleep a night to make sure you have the energy to burn for the next day.

• Put down your phone. Quite a few phones categorize your time spent on them to see where your time goes. (Use it; the results can be scary.)

• Kill two birds with one stone and make it a family event.

• Put it on your to-do list. Make exercise a task. It’s called a “workout” after all.

• Enlist a trainer to motivate and support you!

In the end, if we don’t want to invest our money into our own well-being, the least we can do for ourselves is invest our time. Let 1.5 percent be a starting point to building a healthier you. Let 23 minutes a day be a starting point to pursuing a healthier you.

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