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Tulip picking time at Sweet Berry Farm

The Sweet Berry Farm tulips are blooming and ready for picking. The farm opens Thursday, March 4, but only for tulips. The strawberry patch and other activities should open later in March. Staff photo by Jennifer Greenwell

Tulips are ready for picking at Sweet Berry Farm. The Marble Falls attraction opens Thursday, March 4, but just for tulips. Strawberry patches and other activities won't be ready until later in March.

Sweet Berry Farm, 1801 FM 1980, is open 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Saturday and 1-5 p.m. Sunday. It is closed on Wednesday.

Admission to the tulip field is $5 a person and then $2 for every flower picked. Staff will wrap the bouquet and add extra protection to ensure the blooms retain their natural beauty after picking.

The winter storm in February did cause some worry for Lacy Copeland Garcia of Sweet Berry Farm and the rest of the crew, but, she noted, tulips are cold-hardy plants. Mostly, the concern was for the blooms that had formed on some of the flowers before the freeze. Crews covered them prior to the storm to protect them.

“The bloom is what is most important,” she said. “Those plants can survive the cold, but the blooms are the most fragile thing about the plant.”

The strawberry patches were also covered before the storm.

“Things turned out better than we could have hoped for,” Garcia said. “The (strawberry) plants got freeze damage, but we did have blooms out of the freezing temperatures that are alive. We expect the strawberries to come out at the end of March.”

For up-to-date information on activities and openings, visit Sweet Berry Farm's Facebook page or its Fresh News webpage.

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