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Virtual Learning Series on Alzheimer’s Disease Comes to Marble Falls

The first session of a Virtual Learning Series on Alzheimer’s disease is 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Aug. 23 at Putnam, 206 Avenue H, Suite 206, in Marble Falls. RSVP by calling (512) 361-6241 or going to

MARBLE FALLS — A challenge caretakers of loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease often face is keeping up with the latest information about the disease.

They can’t just mark off a day or two on their calendars and attend workshops or seminars, even nearby in Austin.

“It’s hard for caregivers to find the time when they’re taking care of someone who needs a tremendous amount of care,” said Alejandra Scott, community outreach coordinator with the Capital of Texas chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. “We serve 18 counties with a staff of five, so it’s tough to get out to all those areas to provide information and programs they need. The Virtual Learning Series is really a chance to get out into our rural communities with information and help the caregivers.”

The chapter is teaming up with Putnam and Visiting Angels to offer the Virtual Learning Series in Marble Falls. Sessions are 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Thursdays on Aug. 23, Sept. 20, and Oct. 25 at Putnam, 206 Avenue H, Suite 206. The programs are free and include a light lunch. The in-person sessions are limited to 30 people, but caregivers may also take part via computer. Officials ask that people RSVP by calling (512) 361-6241 or going to Those participating virtually will be given login information.

Caregivers won’t be viewing a pre-recorded video; they’ll be watching a live virtual seminar and can interact with the presenter.

“They can ask questions and share things,” Scott said. “It allow us to bring some of the latest information and research to caregivers who may not know about it or have a way to learn about it.”

While the series is geared toward caregivers, family members, and friends of people with Alzheimer’s disease — or those with it — anyone can attend and benefit from the program. In fact, most everyone probably knows a person with Alzheimer’s.

The series looks at the four things that contribute to and support brain health: diet and nutrition, exercise, cognitive activity, and social engagement.

The first session, on Aug. 23, is “Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body.” Scott said this is one from which anyone can learn something for their own health.

“One of the recent studies by the Alzheimer’s Association showed how high blood pressure can affect a person’s chances of getting Alzheimer’s in the future,” Scott said. “Diet and exercise are big parts of our brain health as well as our overall health. The (Aug. 23) topic is one we all can learn from.”

The benefit of attending a Virtual Learning Series presentation is connecting with other caregivers and realizing you’re not alone. It’s a chance to find support and share ideas.

“Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s is hard, and it can feel like you’re all by yourself,” Scott said. “We want to help. These programs are a way to find information and get support.”

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