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Hidden Falls Adventure Park

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Enjoy the great outdoors in the Highland Lakes

If you love the outdoors, you’ll love the Highland Lakes in Central Texas. With five lakes, multiple rivers, state and national parks, wildlife areas, and more, the Highland Lakes is the perfect place for outdoor adventure year-round. 
The area is a favorite of anglers from around the world, drawing attention from even National Geographic. Prospectors also love the rippling waters of the local rivers, especially the Llano River. 
The lakes are great, but outdoor sports don’t have to include water. The Highland Lakes area offers a wide variety of land-based adventures, too, such as mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, and zip lining. 
Even where to stay can mean nights under the stars, whether camping or booking a vacation in a treehouse. We have information on how to hunt, even if you haven’t set up a deer lease; where to watch the stars; and how to fish without a motor. 
Follow our Outdoors Guide, which is updated regularly, for everything you need to know to paddleboard, nature bathe,bird-watch, and more. It’s all here at