Running, Biking, and Racing in the Highland Lakes

Racing in the Highland Lakes takes on many forms.
People race soapbox cars down city streets or turn lawnmowers into hot-rods and zoom around dirt tracks. The national rise of obstacle course races has lead to Spartan Races and nighttime trail running races in the Highland Lakes.
Engines power racers on everything from lawnmowers to personal watercraft. Jet Ski Races are held on the Llano River every July 4 weekend in Llano and lawnmower races can be found on fields in the area in the spring.
The Spartan Race is the largest obstacle course race in the area, and is held at Reveille Peak Ranch in May. The Tejas Trails and Cap’n Karl’s Night Series events are held in state parks and cities throughout the Texas Hill Country almost year-round.
Adventure athletes can test themselves in the Marble Falls Triathlon in July, and the Hill Country Trivium road races in Marble Falls each November.
This is your guide to competitive races in the Highland Lakes.