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Connect with nature in style at Retreat Ranch in Marble Falls

Retreat Ranch at 1643 CR 403 in Marble Falls offers yoga, meditation, and horseback riding as well as a venue for gatherings and glamping. Courtesy photo

Retreat Ranch in Marble Falls is the latest venue for events and relaxation to open in the Highland Lakes. The 46-acre ranch at 1643 CR 403 offers staff-led adventures centered on yoga, meditation, and horseback riding as well as gatherings and glamping.

“We’re an experience more than a stay,” said ranch co-owner Shannon Jamail. “You come here to experience the disconnect of retreating from the digital world, technology, and the stresses of everyday life to reconnect to yourself through nature.”

Guests at Retreat Ranch, which opened in June 2021, will find a relaxing atmosphere geared toward mental health.

“I have been hosting retreats for over 10 years all around the world, and I just knew I wanted a home base,” Jamail said. “I also knew I wanted a space that worked with nature and repurposed things as much as possible, just something that gave back a little bit more than it took.”

Aptly named, Retreat Ranch is a multi-faceted operation that offers several additional experiences. For about $250 a night, guests can stay in a yurt on the ranch for peaceful glamping — camping in style. The ranch also hosts micro-weddings and family gatherings.

The family-owned facility has a podcast, “Happy Hour at the Ranch,” which covers on-site happenings, mental wellness tips, and more.

“We’re a hot mess,” Jamail said of the podcast. “You’re just tuning into our hot mess where we laugh and joke around about things, whether it’s happening on the ranch or in the world.”

For more information or to book your stay at Retreat Ranch, call 877-665-1939 or visit its website.

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