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Where You Can Volunteer in the Highland Lakes

Find out where you can volunteer in the Highland Lakes.

Finding a place to volunteer in Burnet and Llano counties can be an easy process that only takes a bit of research to narrow your list of interests.

Volunteer opportunities are almost endless in the Highland Lakes. You can choose from dozens of charitable nonprofit organizations in Marble Falls, Burnet, Llano, Kingsland, Granite Shoals, Horseshoe Bay, Cottonwood Shores, Buchanan Dam, and Johnson City that share a passion close to your heart.

The Highland Lakes Volunteer Guide can help you find an organization to contact about volunteer opportunities near you. The guide lists organizations in 14 categories to help narrow your search.

In fact, investigating local nonprofit matchmakers is one of the nine tips suggested by Forbes magazine for how to find the best volunteer fit for you.

You can choose to volunteer at a food pantry if that interests you. You will see, for example, that we list six food pantries in the Highland Lakes. Clicking on any of their logos on the Volunteer Guide homepage provides information about their mission statements, what volunteers typically do, and whether they have any recurring fundraisers.

Making a commitment to volunteer in your community is a big step, and leaders at area nonprofit organizations realize that. You’ll find volunteer coordinators to be extremely accommodating, understanding, and helpful in answering questions and finding a task suitable to your strengths and interests.

Another way to dip your toes, so to speak, into the waters of Highland Lakes volunteer opportunities is to join a monthly Volunteer Meetup hosted by Nonprofit organizations and volunteers come together one day per month to work on specific, short-term projects. Organizations get a day of great help from new and familiar faces, and volunteers feel great about helping a great cause. And maybe that will lead to a few new relationships being built between volunteers and nonprofits.

To get started, think about your strengths, interests, and passions. Browse our expansive list of nonprofit organizations on our Volunteer Guide and narrow your list of opportunities.

After that? Well, that’s up to you. Call the places you are interested in helping out or send them an email for more information. Whatever you choose, we’ll see you out there in the community making the Highland Lakes a better place.

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